I had the amazing opportunity to photograph an elopement in Maui in February and will definitely share more of that (probably in next month’s blog). But! That’s not why we’re here. We’re here because I decided to make a mini vacation of it. I had so much fun and definitely need a repeat. 

I hardly get personal or share details of my life so bear with me since I’m new to this. But here’s what I did and hopefully this gives you some ideas too. 

February 14, 2023 – Valentine’s Day!

My boyfriend, Richard, and I spent the day in Lahaina. After a quick location scouting, we ate breakfast and walked through Front Street. I’d say this is definitely the Waikiki of Maui with less crowds and skyscraper buildings. Most of our walk consisted of checking out the many art galleries on Front Street and knowing we can never really afford this. Still, so cool to see such amazing art including pieces by Picasso and Dr. Seuss. Here are a few of my favorites:

Vladamir Kush Fine Art Gallery – such beautiful paintings and sculptures that gave a sense of whimsy and fantasy. There was also the cutest children’s story of Aries, the naked sheep who gets its attire from the ocean.

LIK Fine Art Gallery – Okay, I take landscape photos on occasion and usually because I’m at a beautiful spot during sunrise or sunset for a photo session. Basically, take a quick snapshot of this view. But my gosh, these were amazing and on another level. 

Holle Fine Art Gallery – this gallery housed many artists, the standouts for me being Dr. Seuss (obviously, so cool to see), Gloria Lee (I’m a sucker for florals), and Paul Lotz (these were dope, I wish I could have one of his pieces). 

Sargent’s Fine Art & Jewelry – another gallery that showcased many artists. All were beautiful, but Pamela Sukhum was not just featured, but in house actively painting while we were there. Again, I’m a sucker for florals and these were on another level.

Lastly, and I think this was my favorite… Tabora Gallery, and specifically Roy Tabora’s work. I so badly want one of his pieces… they’re absolutely beautiful and beyond this world. This gallery was also conjoined with CocoNene and displayed/sold lots of local artists. The stuff here I could definitely afford 😅. 

Phew! That was a lot and not even all the galleries that we went to or were in Lahaina! But I love art and wish I had that kind of artistic talent. But, moving on! There’s not much else lol. Of course, you have to check out the Banyan Tree… which we did. The rest of the day was spent resting, making a Valentine’s dinner, and getting Coldstone. Did you know that the only Coldstone in Hawaii is in Maui?! You best believe getting some Birthday Cake Remix was on my list. 

February 15, 2023 – My favorite day

This day was awesome. We started at Kula Country Farms and went strawberry picking. Strawberry picking! I don’t know if Hawaii has a lot of fruit picking opportunities (besides pumpkins during fall time), but this is the date that makes all other dates puke in how cute it is. I was a little preoccupied in taking photos and wasn’t the best at picking the best strawberries, but that’s okay. Richard excelled and his strawberries were freakin’ delicious. Kula Farms has the cutest little shop with the kindest lady and we got to talk story with her a bit. I definitely recommend you checking this out. Strawberry picking is seasonal and open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  

Next stop was about a 20 minute drive to MauiWine for a little wine tasting. This place is beautiful and if you’re reading this and want to have your wedding there… 

Any who, we did the King’s Cottage Tasting Room and ordered a flight, some small bites, and a wine cocktail to finish for me. I definitely recommend making a reservation as it was crowded by the time we left. 

Our last day on the 16th was quick and lazy. We made a few site stops and picked up some goodies. There were other things I definitely wanted to do including Kula Lavender Farm, sunrise at Haleakala, and visiting Hana, but that’s for next time I guess. Hope this gives you some ideas if you’re visiting Maui!

Kristen Iwalani of Iwalani Photography is a couples and elopement photographer based on the island of Oahu, ready to provide a chill, yet high-vibe adventure. She loves capturing the real, raw, and messy moments of your story. Contact her today to start planning your island adventure!

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