Let's connect and go on an adventure

Wanna know more?!

So you wanna know more about me?! Well, I'm happy to share. My name is Kristen Iwalani (Iwalani is my middle name). I am one to embrace being comfortable with the uncomfortable. I am a self-proclaimed nerd (and proud of it) that loves all things Harry Potter, Disney, superheroes, and musicals. I love food in general, except seafood. Yup, local Hawaiian girl that doesn't like seafood. It's possible. I love adventures, but have no problem kickin' at home with a book or some Netflix.

I started photography as a hobby which later turned into a passion and business. I love meeting my clients and giving them a fun and memorable experience. My heart and why behind all that I do is to connect and serve. My little enneagram 2 heart thrives on this. 

Being in front of a camera can be awkward as heck... trust me, I know. Forget about posing and worrying what to do with your hands. Live in the moment and I will capture the magic.

My goal is to always make a session fun and memorable by having your photo session reflect you, your family, or your love story.  Working with you means getting to know you! And I want to know everything. 

let's capture what makes you... you.

a session catered around you