What is a Date Night Session? Well, it’s a couple’s session with a little bit of *spice*.

Officially, as stated on my website, a Date Night Package is a customized session based on what you and your loved one’s hobbies are with the details including a 2 hour session, couples gift box, 2 outfit choices, 2 locations, and a talk story meet-and-greet. Great description, but what does this mean and what does it look like!?

First, I’d like to start with the inspiration behind the Date Night Package. Around September of 2020, I was approached by Andi who wanted a customized session for her elopement photos. Andi and Niko wanted to encompass everything they love together as a couple and had the general idea of what they wanted: photos in their wedding attire, skateboarding, tattoos, and the classic sunset photo session. From there I went into planning mode creating timelines, location ideas, and all that was needed to make this the session they envisioned. We started with a first look near their apartment and some intimate, poke-and-stick tattoos they had done on each other. From there, we moved to our skateboarding location. The location had even more meaning as these two had many skateboarding dates there, even leaving their mark on the bench near the swings. Lastly, we went to one of my favorite spots for beautiful beach photos.

Everything about it was magical and it was so easy to shoot since each aspect of their shoot encompassed aspects of Andi and Niko’s relationship which put them in their element. And! I had so much fun planning this and making it special for these two. This was the photoshoot of my dreams and I wanted to recreate sessions like this… hence my Date Night Package!

Now, let’s get down to the details. One of my goals in every session is to get to know the couple so that they feel their absolute best and comfortable during their session. That’s where the meet-and-greet comes in, but it also serves to let me get to know you both and feel out what kind of activities or session you’d like to plan out. Two things to consider for your customized session… the location and the activity.

Location is simple in that it can be someplace special for you and your other half. The location you first met… the place you had your first date. And if none of those apply, I will happily provide suggestions based on what you envision. Now, what kind of activities can we do? Truly, whatever you want as long as it’s safe (and not illegal… should be obvious, but still thought to point it out. Just in case). Here are some activities to spark some ideas:

Surf Sesh
Simple Picnic (See below for elaborate picnic companies)
Game Night
And so much more

Truly, these are so many potential things a couple can do, it’s just about getting to know what you and your beau like and making it your very own Date Night session. And! I’ll be there every step of the way to help you plan and make it as fun and easy as possible.

I love making the Date Night session exactly what you envision. And perhaps that may look like a low-key date. If that is the case, I’d like to share a few amazing picnic companies that can give you a truly magical experience with a beautiful set-up:

The Gay Agenda Collective
Aloha Paradise Picnics
The Destination Picnic Co.

So that’s the Date Night Package! All in all, I’m always so excited for those that want to make their session a little special by adding components of their relationship to the shoot itself. All sessions I do light me up, but these have that little extra *je ne sais quoi*. When couples are in their element and having fun doing what they usually do, it makes it so fun and comfortable for all.

Does this sound like it’ll be right up your alley? Let’s get connected and start planning!

Kristen Iwalani of Iwalani Photography is a couples and elopement photographer based on the island of Oahu, ready to provide a chill, yet high-vibe adventure. She loves capturing the real, raw, and messy moments of your story. Contact her today to start planning your island adventure!

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